Pottery Barn Kids All in One Lunchbox v Planetbox Rover Lunchbox Review at

Lunchbox Showdown: Episode 1

There are some questions that keep me up at night. Some things I NEED to know. Who really killed JFK? Why was there a huge coverup? Who was Jack the Ripper? Did they ...

Planetbox Rover Review from

Planetbox Rover Review

Here's a video review I did of the Planetbox Rover. This is seriously one of my favorite lunch boxes. This next school year our Planetbox Rover will be going into ...

Panda Bento from

Panda Bento and LunchBox Review

A few weeks ago I won (YES I WON!) a set of Easy LunchBoxes from the Bento Bloggers and Friends back to school giveaway. I was so stoked. I've been wanting to try these ...